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Cafe Barcelona

Cafe Barcelona
25 Fitzroy St (see map)
Phone: 9525 4244

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Barcelona is a cafe-restaurant advertising Spanish cuisine in the heart of St. Kilda. Espagnols dispute the authenticity of the cuisine but still like the place. It utilises its narrow space wisely and has additional tables and chairs on the street. Perfect for summer evenings and even cold winter nights are catered for with PVC plastic drop blinds and moveable gas stand heaters. There is a variety of tapas or starters that are perfect to accompany a jug of sangria. Main courses include paella, pastas and meat dishes. The Spanish donuts for dessert are a must. There are a variety of simple dishes to choose from, all made from good quality ingredients and produced in a very small kitchen. You actually get to walk through the kitchen and take a look at the preparation on the way to the bathroom at the back.

it's a bar with spanish theme and the capital of spain is barcelona...can anyone see where they are going with this? punned titles aside, this place has always been full when we have passed so as the sun was setting on a warmish tuesday night, we wandered into barcelona with wine and tapas in mind.

first to greet us was pierre (so we have named him), our sexy french waiter for the night, menus in hand and overjoyed to show us to the last two seats in the house, which also happened to be the best two seats in the house. mars must have been aligned with saturn that evening. possibly something was aligned with uranus if the boys enjoying a romantic dinner outside were anything to go by.

if you've every had real tapas you will know that the shit that most places pass off as tapas just isn't. three slices of chorizo sausage and some dips is not tapas. tapas is like the french hors d'oevres or italian antipasti. spanish can do it, kostas the greek cannot. i recommend that you try barcelona before you give bazza in the local bar a go.

music was good, prices reasonable and i loved it because there are probably not too many other places where you get a frenchman asking you if you want more. all good stuff. gotta go back.
EAJ Mar 2004

Barcelona on Fitzroy Street is an amazing place for food. In size, it's not much more than a strip really, and half its width is occupied by a most excellent bar, so ensconce yourself at a table and don't budge until you've worked your way through the wine lists. If you're smart you'll make it to half-price Sangria on Mondays. The atmosphere is so lively here that everybody talks to everybody anyway, but on Sangria days, when a jug is only $12.50, everybody becomes your friend.
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Quick Opinions

The Age Cheap Eats 2005 "It's hard for a restaurant to stand out in the over-catered streets of St Kilda, but this glassfronted place keeps pulling the crowds. It can get clamorous inside so it's not great for an intimate evening, but it is the spot for a trad taste of Spain."

Age A2 John Weldon 31/7/04 "Down at the beach end of Fitzroy Street lurks Barcelona. There's a certain flourish here that is different from other Spanish restaurants and cafes."

The Age Cheap Eats 2004,Good vegetarian options,Excellent breakfasts,Somewhere we highly recommend,'There are strings of dried chillies,aqua limewash walls and hanging pans,but also R'n'B music,wine racks and low lighting.There are plenty of eating options,but why not slam the menu shut and ask for the tapas tasting plate?'


$tea and coffee


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